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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Such Great Heights

Greetings Cyclocross Fun Lovers...


Here are some updates on, and friendly reminders about the upcoming OckerCross...
Racing will kick off at 1pm Saturday 23rd of January at Australia's spiritual home of cyclocross, Harrison Street Velodrome, and we'll be cutting the lights and packing down by 7pm, the order of events is as follows (still subject to a little change):

1:00 - Registration and course opens
2:00 - Graded racing opens - Order will be Kids, Men's CX C/Open, Women's CX B/Open, Men's CX B, Women's CX A, Men's CX A. And then repeated. Short races, high levels of fun.
4:30 - Weetbix Race
5:00 - Relay Race
5:30 - BCCDDCXSSCXWC - Single speedin'
6:10 -  Presentations
6:30 - Pack up

"Relay" you say? Think a cyclocross version of the Little 500, (side note, there better be a team dressed up as the Cutters,) with two person teams racing on the same bike, mandatory bike changes each lap. Unlike the Little 500, you have to have brakes.

Weetbix race - Think egg and spoon meets CX. Race a lap, get a couple of weetbix and race the next lap holding them (no jersey pockets!) without crushing it. Winner is the fastest rider with unbroken biscuits.

SSCX, yes SSCX! - Singlespeed drivetrain (tensioners, zip ties and SS kits ok), tyres < 40mm, fully rigid frame, flat/drop bars, 26"/700C ok.

A reminder that we will not be selling adult licences on the day... You can use a valid MTBA/CA licence (don't forget to renew your CA licence!) Or take advantage of the free 2month MTBA trial

We'd like to take a moment to remind you that whilst we highly encourage dressing up, whether you're racing or spectating, please put some thought and creativity into your costume. Take a leaf out of Ohio University's book and skip the cultural appropriation, and give any pre-made costumes with 'sexy' in the title a pass. (Unless of course it's 'sexy zombie pigeon'.) Use your imagination, get your DIY on, poke fun at someone famous and see if you can win our best costume award on the night. Silliness is a great start!

Friday, 11 December 2015

The Power and the Passion

Here's the drill, we had some scheduling and life issues and SpookyCross had to be put on ice for a bit. But like a cold drink on a hot Australian summer's day this one is going to be just what you need...


  • Date: Saturday 23rd Jan 
  • Time: 1pm course open, racing til about 7. 
  • Format: Short races, relays, DDCXSSCXWC. Maybe a few surprise events... 
  • Grades:
    • Mens - A, B and C/Open
    • Womens - A, B/Open 
    • Kids and Balance bikes
  • Entry via EntryBoss very soon!
  • Entry Fees: Adults $10 w/costume, $15 w/out. Kids $5. 
  • $5 from each entry to go to ASRC 
  • Costumes DO NOT have to be australian themed... but getting dressed up is all part of the events spirit, racing or not!

Any questions, hit us up via email, twitter, FB or in person... 


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wide Awake

Dear Everyone,

The start list for this Sunday's excellent adventure (aka race) can be found here. Check your grade as the handicapping wizards have been at work.

REGISTRATION/NUMBER PICK UP CLOSES 30MINS BEFORE RACE START. This is in all caps as some apparently people need to be shouted at about this. If you miss this, you won't get to race. It's that simple.

There will be very limited spots available in Men's A/B/C and Open available on the day. Like ultra-rare super limited edition. Kids and Womens races will have a few more. If you want one, you best get to the reg desk when it opens (10:30). FIRST IN, FIRST SERVED. BE NICE, BE POLITE!

Ok so we need to talk about parking...
You can't park on Golf Rd or Ronald Rd. Please park in the Basketball/Athletics Track carpark (Outlook Rd) or the Coburg Pool parking lot (Murray Rd). We will have traffic wardens out there. Don't make us look bad.

We will have tshirts, coffee, burgers, chips and doughnuts on sale on the day... The sun looks like it'll be back. You are going to have so much fun... WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

We all need somebody to lean on

Hello cyclocross fans!

As you all know, DDCX Round 2 is coming up at Jackson reserve. We do love ourselves some great racing, and the crowd participation aka heckling always adds to the atmosphere.

Given the size of the parkland we're working on, we could really use some more volunteers to help things run smoothly and keep our vols force from burning out. I know, I know, those guys look superhuman, what with their high-vis and permasmiles. But they're human, and largely racers, who put on their bib shorts one silicone-gripped leg at a time like the rest of us.

So if you'd like to help out, what with the setup or marshalling (prime heckling here), please, drop us a line at ddcx.volunteers - it's a gmail address with the @gmail.com suffix - with your name, e-mail, number and what you'd like to do. If you've put up for volunteering via the entryboss, system, don't worry, we've already got you!

Lastly, we also have some ultra rare marshalling posts out on the street, where you can soak up the atmosphere from afar and direct traffic to the super cool parking lots. Sadly, we can't guarantee a lollipop (sign or candy). Let us know.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Council Estate of Mind

In these cold cold months layering is key... and seriously what better way to stay warm and harness your inner mud-ruling than with a cracking new tshirt.

But what to choose? Here's where DDCX comes in... We have another batch of excellent torso covers to help you fill that inevitable gap in your black tshirt wardrobe and level up your fashion status to 'AWESOME'.

Now we can't sell you Arnie's body (and to be honest it's probably not the best one for CX, not the least because the chafe from those loincloths was horrendous) but our operators are standing by waiting to dispatch your tshirt order.

So what are you waiting for... Sign up today to sport the freshest cotton across your top half and support the racing that you love.

Also - Entries are open for the next round on the 19th! They will close midnight Wed 15/7.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Tapedeck Sound

We are live!
Go to the BOSSest race entry system out there and sign up for the good times...

A special note - Kids entries will continue to be through the old pre-reg system for now.

VOLUNTEERS! Yes, we love you... and we would love it if you could help out again. If you are racing you can select that you are volunteering and provide the normal information. But if you aren't racing but are down to help send us an email at ddcxDOTvolunteersATgmail.com with your availability.

Basic Details
  • Race date is Sunday 19th July
    10:30-12:00 - Registration
    10:40-11:30 - Course open
    11:40 - Kids (incl Bal bikes) - 15mins
    12:00 - Kids Prizes
    12:20 - CXMC & Open (30mins)
    13:05 - CXMB (40mins)
    14:00-14:20 - Course Open
    14:25 - CX Womens A/B (45/35mins) and Open W (30mins)
    15:20 - CX Mens A (1hr)
    16:30 - Presentations
    16:50-? Pack down
  • Race location is Golf Rd (North End), North Coburg

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Teenage Exorcists

Location! Location! Location!

Well, we have a location for our next round on July 19th!

You will be racing here...
Which is here

Some of you will remember it from a number of years ago when we held a race there. Looking back at that race report I'm reminded how things have changed (Warrack Leach had his first A grade race and AJ and Amity didn't have a CX bike).

We will have entries open very soon and will provide the world with more information on where to park, where to sign on and a few other surprises!

In the mean time, if you want to get your legs warmed up or follow up on the fun you had at Cramwell Park last week you should consider a road trip up to the nation's capital for the next two rounds of NCXS. Entries and more details are here